(1) Wastewater Sludge Treatment Equipment
We supply wastewater sludge treatment and utilization equipments in three different capacities: 30 tons/day, 50 tons/day and 100 tons/day. Our equipment is featured by its short reaction time, small reactor size, low investment and operational cost, flexible operation mode, and the production of high value-added products. We are product that our equipment can help our customers to safely treat wastewater sludge and at the same time achieving zero waste discharge.

(2) Products from Wastewater Sludge Treatment
 ①Microbial Protein
Microbial Protein is renewable and biodegradable. It has excellent foamability and stability.

Comparison between microbial protein and conventional protein
Items Animal Plant Animal Hoof and Horn Rosin soap Microbial Standard
Settlement(mm) 6.5 9.5 <5 29 7.5 1h,<10
Bleeding Volume (ml) 81.2 92.3 <35 110 72.5 1h,<80
Expansion (Times) 28 30 >25 29 36.7 >20
Stability (h) 15.6 5 >24 19.2 ≥2
pH 7.2 6.9 6.5-7.5 7.1 7±0.5
Density (g/cm3)
1.18 1.03 1.1±0.05 1.028 1-1.20

Microbial Protein Foam Fire Extinguishing Agent
The microbial protein foam fire extinguishing agent, which had been successfully developed by Tianjin Fire Research Institute, is an innovative environmental-friendly product. Since this product is 100% natural and biodegradable, we will avoid any secondary pollution. The product meets the highest fire extinguishing requirements (IIIB) of the National Technical Standards for Foam Fire Extinguishing Agent. 

Experiment data comparison

Types of Protein Solution  Mixing Ratio
drainage time
Burnback Time
Protein Solution
(Concentration 2)
6 6.2 7’39” 21 3’22” 30’55”
Protein Solution
(Concentration 3)
6 6.7 7’42” 25 3’15” 27’30”

According to the National Standards for Fire Extinguishing Agents (GB15308-2006), for protein foam fire extinguishing agents, the extinguishment time should be lower than 5 minutes and the 25% burnback time should be higher than 5 minutes.

Cellular Concrete

1. Insulation: thermal conductivity between 0.08 and 0.28 W/(m• K); Thermal resistance is 10 to 20 times higher than normal concrete.
2. Light-weight: dry density between 300 and 1600kg/m3, which is only 1/5 to 1/8 of normal concrete density; greatly reduced the loading to the entire structure.
3. Soundproofing: independent bubbles are evenly dispersed within the cellular concrete; its sound-absorbing capacity is between 0.09% and 0.19%, which is 5 times higher than normal concrete.
4. Water resistance: water-absorbing capability of the cellular concrete is relatively low; its enclosed bubbles and integrity makes the cellular concrete have a certain level of water resistance.
5. Durability: cellular concrete has the similar life-span as the main structure
6. Ease of application: fully automated operation with concrete foaming machine; vertical long-range transport up to 200 meters; workload is 150-300m3/working day
7. Environmental protection: raw materials for cellular concrete are concrete and foaming agents; forming agent is neutral, and does not contain benzene or formaldehyde, avoiding any potential environmental and fire hazards.

②Sludge Residue
1. Nutrient-enriched: apart from the abundant N, P and K, the residual sludge also contains high levels of small molecule polypeptide, amino acid and humic acid. Comparing to conventional organic fertilizer, the nutrients in the residual sludge are easier to be absorbed by the plants, accelerating crop growth.
2. Environmentally friendly: hazardous substances such as pathogens and parasites are destroyed in the protein extraction process while heavy metals are stabilized in the hydrolysis process.
3. Reduced water content; can be directly used as landscaping soil or construction raw material: Yuchuan’s protein extraction process effectively destroys cell wall and cell membrane, and as a result, the protein and water content are released into the solution. Through subsequent mechanical dewatering process, the water content of the treated sludge can be reduced to as low as 45 to 50%.


Nutrient content comparison between residual sludge organic fertilizer and other feritilizers

(%) (%) Measured in P2O5 Measured K2O


Organic Matter


TP %
Measured in P2O5

Measured K2O
Sludge 20.1 1.40 3.24 0.89
Cow Manure 20 0.34 0.2  
Chicken Manure
25.5 1.63 1.54 0.85
Pig Manure 25 0.45 0.083 0.1


Item GB4284-84 Control Standards For Pollutants in Sludge For Agricultural Use GB8172-87 Control Standards For Urban Wastes For Agricultural Use Residual Sludge(wet base/dry base)
in acidic soil(pH<6.5) in neutral and alkaline soil (pH≥6.5)
Cadmium and its compound(Measured in Cd) 5 20 ≤3 0.60/
Mercury and its compound(Measured in Hg)
5 15 ≤5 1.14/
Lead and its compound(Measured in Hg) 300 1000 ≤100 12.10/
Chromium and its compound(Measured in Cr) 600 1000 ≤300 11.95/
Arsenic and its compound(Measured in As) 75 75 ≤30 2.23/

(3) Construction Waste Treatment Equipment
Our process integrated many innovative technologies, such as pulse dust collector, wind screening, and electrical control. These technologies have ensured our process achieving national environmental standards. Our process is featured by the low dust and noise levels, as well as small land requirements and high production rate. All of these features make our process especially suitable for both cities and rural areas. In order to ensure the purity of the produced aggregates, the production line is equipped with soil removal, metal removal and wood chip separation facilities. Every production line only requires 3-4 operators. The return period of such a production line is approximately one year under normal circumstances.

Multi-level products can be produced from one feed by our equipment. Our equipment has a high yield and low energy consumption. They are durable, convenient for maintenance. All noise, dust and other environmental indicators are in line with national standards.

Technical Data
Feeding Material Size
Product Specifications 0.1mm—45mm
Production Lind Capacity 100—1200吨
Product Classification (6 Categories) ☆25mm-12mm    ☆12mm-8mm    ☆8mm-4mm
Produced according to Clients' Requirement ☆4mm-2mm     ☆2mm-0.3mm   ☆< 0.3mm
Maximum Power 170KW(
Equipment Weight 60 tons
Initial Heap Height 5m
Production Area 1000m2


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